Relationship Coaching And Counselling

Gain Clarity, Create Communication & Cause Connection

Like Never Before

Helping You Create Relationship Success With Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time To Make A Change In Your Relationship? Can’t Seem To Find A Way?

Most marriages end in divorce and relationships seem to be more complex than ever.

To see clearly what’s happening to you and your relationship, coaching brings in a range of dynamic approaches that open up new ways to look at your relationship and make the very best changes, so you can reignite loving connection and love passionately free from harmful conflict.

What Is Relationship Coaching And Counselling?

Exploration, Curiosity And Insight

Gaining a clear understanding of the forces that affect your relationship, you can avoid feeling lost and adrift with no way to navigate back to loving connections that lasts. 

Listening And Hearing So Both Heard, Seen And Fully Gotten

Learning to approach the conversations that matter with skill, flexibility and the methods that leave you both fully free to express and be fully heard. 

Training In How To Fight Clean And Without Harming Each Other

Developing insight into the nature of why you fight, how you both fight and how to do so in ways that lead to both of you being safe, and reconciliation being the expected outcome.

Cultivating Deep Trust That Leads To Powerful Connection & Intimacy

Cultivating love that leads to feeling deep and profound connection, empowering joy, pleasure, excitement and safe boundaries, so your intimacy sizzles. 

Find Your Voice

Find What Matters

Find Your Way Forward

Many people are suffering needlessly from a lack of intimacy and loving connection. Others will suffer pain, conflict and heartbreak in their relationships.

The hurt of loneliness, broken partnerships, failed marriages, and families torn apart is becoming post pandemic, more commonplace in our lives. 

Instead of calling in the lawyers or calling the relationship off, you can now create a relationship that’s centred around partnership, collaboration, cooperation and joy, through coaching with me. 

Start towards a healthier, happier relationship today by getting in touch.  

How Do I know If Coaching Is For Me?

If you desire new ways of being with your partner, to gain a clear and healthy way to connect and feel love, then coaching is a great option. It’s often light, fun and deeply intriguing when curiosity and appreciate-inquiry are brought to illuminate exactly what’s  going on in your relationship.

It includes many brilliant new ways to approach receiving and creating the love you most desire in your relationship.

Take Back Your Power To Create Love As You Desire It

You are more powerful and resourceful than you know. Regaining your sense of direction and ability to positively affect your relationship is a key step towards lasting love. 

Get Beyond The Barriers, Walls And Masks That Hurt

You want to break through the facades that keep you apart and serve only to divide and separate you from the authenticity and connection you both seek. 

Reveal What's Really Impacting Your Connection & Love

You want to reveal the forces that act on your loving connection and create the love you want and need, so you no longer have to settle for 2nd best. 

Forgive & Forgiving So Your Past Stays In The Past

You want to release the pain and suffering you carry through the relationship, either from your younger lives, previous relationships or the pain caused in your current union. 

Cultivate Trust That Binds You Closer Than Never Before

You desire to trust yourself and your partner, leaving you free to be wild and wonderful with each other in all areas of your lives.

My Approach

If you only have a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail!

I’m of the school of thought that the spectrum of my approach should be as vast as the complexity of you, your partner and your relationship.

Together with formal coach training in Europe and America, I call on my curiosity and wonder of culture, philosophy, history, psychology, mythology and science to enrich my approach of ‘compassionate enquiry’ into your experience, and how I respond towards you as a unique and fascinating being, that wants what I believe we all want, to love, be loved and feel truly connected to others.

How It Works

Schedule A Complimentary Exploration Call

Setting up a mutually agreeable time to speak couldn’t be easier. Feel free to call, email of SMS me to connect and arrange an hour to focus solely on you and what you want and need to overcome your relationship challenges.


Gain Clarity On Your Situation

Through a process of compassionate enquiry, we will take a fresh look at your challenges, revealing any blindspots and hidden influences that are causing your challenges. 

Explore Working Together

If support from a coach is the very best option for you, we’ll explore the option available for us to proceed with a coaching programme that meets your needs, requirements and achieves your desired outcomes. 

Message Below To Arrange A Complimentary Exploration Call

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